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Healing Rain: The Rain King (Sons of Thunder Book 1) F Raynaud

Healing Rain: The Rain King (Sons of Thunder Book 1)

F Raynaud

Published January 2nd 2015
Kindle Edition
191 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Taken from The Back CoverThe sky overhead turned charcoal-black. Methuselah was engulfed in chaos. The rain beating on the deck went horizontal—a force as heavy as a fire hose. John cried out, as waves battered the sides of their boat, “BRYON, get inside and secure the cabin…. Tie everything down and turn up the radio. I am going to drop sail….” The boat rocked from side to side. The rain and wind beat John to a pulp.“John, get back here! We need to ride this out. It’s safer in here!”“Bryon, the sail is jammed…. I can’t loosen it! We’re taking on water. The aft end of the boat is starting to flood.”John made his way back—they braced themselves. Cupboards in the galley were open. Can goods and supplies flew around like missiles. A can struck Bryon on the brow. Blood poured out of him, “I need a towel, I can’t see.”…You have a date with destiny. Inside each of us resides a sleeping giant, who at any moment, if woken to the reality of the power and authority we have in Christ, could shake a nation.Join the author, as he takes you on an epic journey of faith, hope, love, and despair, as seen though the amazing life of John Parker—the Rain King. From his miraculous birth to his date with destiny, see how one person, whose heart is bent before the Lord, can open the floodgates of heaven and bring down rain upon a dry and weary land.A “Last Days” novel, with powerful prophetic undertones, that captures the heart of humanity, and what it means to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Written with such urgency, this is a commission to all saints: awake from your slumber Sleeping Beauty—reap the harvest set before you.This is the first book in The Sons of Thunder series.